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Kompanion - Infinity

The Infinity sign accented with the signature Kompanion "K" has become synonymous with Kompanion himself and his music. The Infinity symbol represents friendship and its never ending concept. The pursuit to exude friendship, loyalty and community is never ending for Kompanion as is the Infinity with a "K".


Kompanion is 30 years old, Six feet two inches tall and originates from Colorado.  It is safe to say that Kompanion is different when it comes to how he approaches making music, the focus behind his craft and the premium product produced as well. Kompanion goes through great deals of self scrutiny when making music, ensuring that his work is not only unique but filled with depth and elevated meaning. He takes time in each stage of the process, writing, recording,  and beyond to give his listeners something that is completely Kompanion. When working he takes steps to focus on things many would not,  and mediocrity is something that many accept but he will not, his listeners are his family and he strives to deliver to them the best he has to offer. His music is a reflection of this as each track stands not only alone, but ties together with the next like time itself. The music and it's quality come from the incorporation of incredible amounts of time writing, rewriting, rehearsing, and recording mixed with the expert production of producer Yung Bama (#Bamamadethis). Kompanion has becoming known for his abilities not only as a signer from tracks like "Redo", but also as a staple in the "Trap" style of Hip-Hop and Rap from releases like "The Kompanion" Album. The name Kompanion is a reflection of the artist's character,  He is loyal and a friend beyond definition, with a desire to share these qualities and more through his music. 



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