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 Kompanion is an American Musician. His story is one of adversity and endurance. Music has always been a key in Kompanion's life. His message is growth, empathy, community and kindness. The name "Kompanion" comes from his desire to be a true friend to you until the end. Watch the Official Music Video for the song "Artist" by kompanion and read the full bio below for more of Kompanion's story.

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            Kompanion a.k.a James Patrick Sullivan was born at Rose Hospital in 1991 on April 2nd. In 1995 Kompanion began attending All Souls Catholic Pre-School where he was enrolled by his mother (Mary-Gay Sullivan Coit). At this school the faculty believed that Kompanion possibly had A.D.D., anger problems, explicit language problems and wanted to put him on medication, so his father withdrew him from the school at the end of the year. Kompanion was abused outside the home at a daycare as a child and has struggled with depression. He was then placed at Cottonwood Creek Elementary in 1996. At Cottonwood things were fairly average until 1999 when his parents divorced. In the year 2000 the struggles for Kompanion’s father (Michael B. Sullivan) a lawyer and single father were considerable. This is when Kompanion’s Grandmother really continued to be a massive and important presence in Kompanion’s life. She was there every day helping him with his homework and making sure he was eating and is considered his mother. Thanks to his Grandmother’s presence, Kompanion was able to go to religious education, play basketball, baseball, and football. He still struggled with some learning difficulties but was helped along by attending tutoring for struggling students. After Cottonwood Elementary Kompanion attended Campus Middle School, starting in 2002. In 2003 Kompanion found his passion for music because it was a constant presence in his life that never left him. He had found his first and only friend. He shortly after began recording with a group of people from his school and was helped along by his step father (W.B. Coit). In 2004 things really began to become problematic in Kompanion’s life he was 13, and His father was constantly being called into the school for behavior meetings. At this point Kompanion was smoking and selling marijuanadue to a lack of money in his home. From Campus Middle School, Kompanion went on to attend Cherrry Creek High School. In 2006 Kompanion got his license and began selling narcotics beyond just marijuana at his school and in the DTC/Greenwood Village Area of Colorado. Kompanion had visibly become a criminal presence in the community by his Sophomore year at Cherry Creek High School. Kompanion was receiving tickets for MIP’s, smoking, traffic violations that resulted in community service and more, before this time, and during this time, also his grades were dropping to the point that graduation with the class that he had started with was not an option. In 2008 Kompanion began seeing a psychologist and this was very negative, because Kompanion wasn't able to get the help he needed at the time. Kompanion was officially homeless on the day of his birthday, due to an altercation in the home because of his illegal practices. Kompanion transferred his Junior year of High School to Cherry Creek Prep (secondary/alternative) School, because his grades were so poor, and his attendance was causing issues that could cause expulsion. The intention of this was to get Kompanion to graduation. May 8, 2009 Kompanion was arrested on the campus of Cherry Creek Prep School, for the distribution of narcotics. The charges included multiple felonies, and the eventual sentence was a deferred judgment that was to last 2 years. When Kompanion was released from jail, he no longer had any home with his father because of a new person in his father’s life, but was taken in by his Grandmother. They lived in the Mountains of Colorado for several years and Kompanion quietly attended McClain High School and graduated from there in 2010. He transferred from there to College. Right after graduation from High School Kompanion was back into a life of crime, He linked up with his old drug selling partner and things ultimately ended up with Kompanion in jail and his hustling partner (Maddy) deceased. Kompanion before completing his deferred judgement was arrested for a DWAI in Cherry Creek, Colorado on February 14, 2011. He had to withdraw from College. This disrupted the initial sentence Kompanion had received and put him at risk for taking the several felonies he was charged with originally. He was back to jail, and after his release with two new ankle monitors, no license, he moved back into the mountains on another deferred judgment, that had extended the probationary period to 4 years of deferred judgments. For income Kompanion started playing poker, selling drugs again, and picked up the habit of daily drinking. He was doing classes constantly for probation and the DWAI. In 2012 Kompanion got a red driver’s license, tried to go back to school at various places, found a job in Evergreen, Colorado teaching basketball and other sport camps, while also coaching a Middle Schools Track and Field team. This seemed like a new beginning for Kompanion and he took advantage of it by distancing himself from his old life, the people, and places, forming new habits, while also exploring his music in a studio in his basement. He formed behaviors and values based on what he was learning from community and group participation and contribution. For the displaced Kompanion this felt positive. In 2013 Kompanion was back to crime, drinking heavily and smoking every day he left the mountains late in that year and moved around with no permanent home. In 2014 November 11th Michael B. Sullivan (Kompanion’s Father) passed away. This was the biggest blow to Kompanion’s life because his Father was always there for him. When Kompanion’s Father died he felt truly was alone in this world, first because he completely isolated and cut ties with everyone, second because his father was his best friend outside of music. Kompanion than truly dove into the deep end of crime and addiction, from there and his habits during this time have been categorized as masochism or even suicidal. At the end of 2014 Kompanion was arrested, and spent time in the Golden County Jail for an altercation that took place between Kompanion and another man, in which Kompanion allegedly pushed the victim. This resulted, after jail time in another deferred judgment that lasted 2 years. In 2015 Kompanion was living off pecos operating through through a club nearby, while also working a normal job as well at the Mall in a sports clothing store. His addiction and depression problems were evident to his probation officer, Kompanion went to a Rehabilitation Facility in Parker, Colorado. He relapsed not long after his release. He went next to Lutheran Medical Rehabilitation Center. From 2016-2017, Kompanion worked multiple jobs attended school, and maintained sobriety in 2017. In 2018 Kompanion was sober, working in a warehouse, attending school, and not living his destiny, when his life took many turns once again that put him in a difficult situation. That situation was Kompanion faced a serious health complication with his heart experiencing bradycardia that caused Kompanion to be unable to work and ultimately leave his job under good terms. This caused Kompanion to have to sell his portion of the home he owned in Denver, in order to pay medical bills and life expenses. This was taken advantage of by the closest people to him and he was also left during this time by the women who came to see Kompanion struggle through his health issue and return to poverty.  In 2019 Kompanion was penniless, except this time he was emptier than ever before but determined to start a new life. Kompanion recorded and released his debut LP and released three songs prior to this in 2019 with the help of his friend and recording engineer Jonathan Schmidt, and producer/friend Yung Bama a.k.a Richard Clay Adyt III. He than traveled around the US promoting his music while continuing to create music. During this time Kompanion lived and traveled alone in his vehicle for 6 months, while working remotely with his producer, and several videographers. Kompanion has a deep connection to music, and making music, also a deep appreciation for everyone who makes music. In 2020 Kompanion graduated from College, and returned to Colorado after traveling around the country and set several tracks for release to close out 2020. He has begun 2021 by taking a step back for a time in Colorado but plans to continue releases this year. He finds happiness in honoring others who persevere, community and family, and can relate to almost anyone. Kompanion’s message can vary widely, however the purpose of his music is to help those who find themselves in need.  Thank you, for reading and listening.

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